Warlordocracy Early v1.5

Almost every character/creature gets more max health now to make battles last longer. Also, there are an additional 2 appearance options for each gender, new leather armor you can buy from Ordius on Old Mill Road (with new character sprites). Other minor fixes.

Complete list of changes:

-Increased max Health and Meta for all intelligent mobiles and most animals and monsters (battles last longer).

-Added another 2 appearance options for each gender (10 total), player can now preview before selecting.

-Added new party dialogue for Dabi and Sebastius when the other one dies.

-Added monsters: zombies and eberan  (not in Ch.1).

-Ordius now sells leather armor, new player sprite.

-Fixed active effects of Intimidate ability.

-Updated species info in Player's Manual.


Warlordocracy Early v1.5.rar 160 MB
Aug 11, 2022
Warlordocracy Early v1.4B.rar 158 MB
Aug 07, 2022

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