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The Story So Far:

The Viridi Republic fell quickly and unexpectedly with the mysterious death of the First Man. The great houses spiraled into an orgy of violence, Salvio "the Scorcher" Tevani burning all the crops and dwellings he passed during his exodus from the city of Jadenbury. House Mesali managed to subdue the other noble families and entered into a trembling alliance behind the capital’s walls.

Other warlords have emerged from the smoldering ruins of the republic, and others still wait like vultures on the borderlands: the Bearded Bandits of the Lorntops, the all-female Third Moon Pirates that smuggle the addictive drug known as moonlight across the Southern Sea, the porcine krugen tribes of the Dead Steppes, the quick reptilian troglodytes of the arid eastern badlands, and the expansive slave-trading Izar Empire that spans two continents.

The town of Lockdell is perched atop the cliffs of southwestern Orinia, patiently overlooking the waves. It is here that Salvio the Scorcher is raising a militia to retake Jadenbury from Andresi Mesali. You just so happen to be one of Salvio’s selfless "volunteers".

Game Features:

-Upgrade 5 skills and unlock dozens of combat, social, crafting, and magic abilities.

-Control up to 5 main characters, each with unique personalities, beliefs, skills, and loyalties.

-Summon an additional 20 henchmen for a total of 25 units under your control on the battlefield.

-Each chapter is a small open world with towns, dungeons, side-quests, and multiple endings.

-Your party, inventory, and reputations are saved and carried over to the next chapter, leading to unique scenarios and challenges.

-Utilize a fully-functional world editor, so you can modify the story or design your own complete stories (and sell them on itch.io).

LCSoft Website: http://laughingcoyote.net/

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PlatformsWindows, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorBrian Lancaster
GenreRole Playing, Strategy, Survival
Tags2D, Exploration, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Real time strategy, Retro, Strategy RPG, Tactical RPG


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Looks like mix of ideas from old Baldur Gates and RPG Maker games. :) Very interesting! Best wishes!


Congrats on release!