Warlordocracy Early v1.4

Completely new soundtrack (sorry Kevin MacLeod). The performance is definitely improved on my computer, so please let me know how it runs on other computers. Also, when you die in the tutorial now, you automatically wake up in Chapter 1. Lots of other little fixes.

Complete list of changes:

-Completely changed soundtrack (Kevin MacLeod is overused in indie games).
-Improved performance a bit by fixing selection circles and destination X's.
-Improved performance a bit by making object checks every 4 seconds instead of 3.
-Fixed bug where loading the game after failing main objective doesn't reset failure.
-Overeating no longer makes you vomit in tutorial, berries only cure 10 hunger (not 5).
-Added new script booleans: "if_objMobFlying" and "if_objMobAquatic".
-Added new script command: "gameoverScr" (call script on gameover).
-Added new script command: "destroyAll".
-Dying in tutorial now skips tutorial.
-Fixed flying mobiles hitting traps.
-Fixed bed description.
-Updated credits.


Warlordocracy Early v1.4.rar 158 MB
Aug 06, 2022

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