Warlordocracy Early v1.2

Getting fucked up at the local library and fixed a problem where mobiles would spaz out when pathfinding in a corner. The AI pathfinding is still shit, but the mobiles won't spaz out flipping into a bunch of different directions at least. Also, lots of other fixes and main character descriptions.

Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1748160/Warlordocracy/

Complete list of changes:

-Fixed problem where mobiles would spaz out with rotation in a corner.
-Fixed bug where you couldn't pick up items on the same tile as a broken door.
-Fixed problem from previous patch that stopped water tiles from being animated.
-Increased well and guillotine collision size so you can't drop items behind it.
-Can now bluff Brink to return home to Lockdell Market (extra skill point).
-Opening world editor now resets all object positions to tile center.
-Smithing ability now requires a hammer.
-Added descriptions for main characters.
-Milk now also cures some hunger.
-Updated maps a bit.


Warlordocracy Early v1.2.rar 147 MB
Jul 22, 2022

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