Warlordocracy Early v1.1

Getting fucked up on vodka and edibles at the Oakland airport and fixing bugs. Then bus to the redwoods where I'm gonna be without internet for 3 days.

Complete list of fixes (thanks to Yograin on Steam):

-Fixed bug with Nordus's dog quest where points would reset to 3 (changed "points" command to "pointsUp").
-Fixed problem where some sticks were called "Wood Sticks" (preventing Woodcraft).
-Fixed selling fish to merchant in Lockdell (period in script instead of comma).
-Default lighting for new maps is now 200 for all RGB colors (not pitch black).
-Fixed bug where top half of description button in shop mode wouldn't work.
-Fixed script bug while bluffing Brayna after the slimedew delivery quest.
-Starting new character in Chapter 2 now asks which faction you work for.
-New option to cook x5 meat or x5 fish with the Naturalism ability.
-Fixed window messages when cooking with the Naturalism ability.
-Can still train with Brink now, even after Seastar quest.
-Some characters won't talk to you at night now.
-Updated the Player's and Builder's Manual.
-Improved some dialogue.


Warlordocracy Early v1.1.rar 147 MB
Jul 20, 2022
Warlordocracy Early v1.0.rar 147 MB
Jul 17, 2022

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