Warlordocracy Early Alpha


-Finished Ch.1.

-Now two separate EXEs, one for the world editor.

-Party can now be completely exported to other stories (or "chapters").

-Removed "(Attack)" indicator at end of player dialogue lines to make it harder.

-Added merchant characters to buy stacks of a certain item (depending on map), and sell goods.

-Fixed major problem where party members would attack after initiating dialogue with player.

-Fixed major problem with party destinations if commanding them individually.

-Added new script boolean to check for party level: "if_partyLvl".

-Fixed bug with "if_objHave" command's optional count parameter.

-Increased bird movement speed from 2 to 3.

-Updated Player's and Builder's Manual.

-Improved some dialogue.

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I don't see map editor exe? I used f1 in-game


Only one EXE for now. Next patch, I'll have to EXEs. AGK makes that complicated.