Warlordocracy Demo v45

Early access July 15th still, including the world editor and a completed Chapter 1. Meanwhile, here's a complete list of fixes in the free demo (v45):

-Fixed script for destroying doors (doorDie.wsl).
-Added items: mech bow, blade cane, smoking pipe.
-Added mirror image of Wood Doors for double doors.
-Added objects: reinforced door, metal door, cell door (not in demo).
-Fixed travel bug that checked combat from fleeing enemies (like rats).
-"ObjDamage" script command now allows no damage type (no resistance allowed).
-Fishing now damages rod if fail, drains fishing spot if success.
-Finished Mechanics ability: blade cane and mech bow.
-Use/examine commands no longer let you target self.
-Examine command now sets destination if no target.
-Added new world maps and separate map document.
-Increased weapon weight, decreased bomb weight.
-Added hanging sign and clothes line objects.


Warlordocracy Demo v45.rar 138 MB
Jun 29, 2022

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very nice also mech bow sound fun