Warlordocracy Demo v41

Steam NextFest! I gotta figure out how to play the non-demo version so I can stream the level editor. I'll figure it out by tomorrow. Fixed some party AI (interacting with objects and getting items now only commands the first-selected party member instead of the entire party). Also, you can now milk cows, sheep, goats, and llamas.

Complete list of changes:

-Easier to select party members behind other objects.
-Interact and examine commands now only command first-selected party member.
-Player can now milk cows, goats, and sheep by using them with an empty bottle.
-Changed party destination positions to be based on current party member positions.
-Fixed bug when player returns to main menu immediately after main character dies before gameover.
-"ObjHeal" and "objRecharge" script commands now allow negative values.
-Increased axe damage (now double sword damage but half speed).
-Added another three overworld maps to the Player's Manual.


Warlordocracy Demo v41.rar 130 MB
Jun 13, 2022

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Whoops, bad bug from this patch that's fixed now: commanding the party wasn't moving the selected characters correctly.