Warlordocracy Demo v44

Made sticks stack in invenstory, because if sticks don't stack, that facked. They just break randomly if you use them as weapons in the scripts now. Complete list of fixes:

-Fixed crafting bows with the Woodcraft ability.
-Finished Woodcraft ability: added wood cane, smoking pipe, and fishing rod.
-Added new script boolean, "if_objCount", to test number of objects on current map.
-Getting caught damaging property (crates, doors) now only decreases respect by 5% with each hit.
-Sticks now have 0 HE so they can stack in inventory (10% chance of breaking when used as weapon).
-Poisoning weapons with higher Education skill now gives more poison charges.
-Fixed weapon hit scripts so that default object is now the weapon object.
-Fixed bug when destroying barrels (original sprite wouldn't disappear).
-Player can no longer start a conversation during combat.
-Added items: smoking pipe, fishing rod, gear (mechanical).


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Jun 23, 2022

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Nice !!!