Please Make Mods and Sell Them on Itch

It's gonna be a while before Brigand is updated again, so please feel free to make your own mods with the world editor and sell them on I don't need to see a dime. Just don't include the EXEs (obviously), and put a link to

You can look at the Builder's Manual to learn how to make mods. Also, look at the BSL scripts in the objects and scripts folders using Notepad. Whatever you want, I don't give a shit. The reason this game took over 10 years to develop and not 2 is because I want modders. Just don't redist the EXEs, and also put the link in there. Then sell them bitches.

I gotta focus on Warlordocracy for now.


Brigand v10.4B.rar 685 MB
Aug 22, 2022

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Thats cool as shit bro and i know im excited to see where warlordocracy is gonna end up, been playing it as soon as it was available on steam and will buy it when i can

Thanks. I'm hoping to have Warlordocracy Chapter 2 ready by New Years and leave early access.