Brigand: Oaxaca v3.0

It's 3.0, bitches! That is the next integer! All that really means this time is that I just fixed about twice the amount of bugs as usual. I also improved the AI somewhat in both the engine and the scripts, I made changing items faster for the player, and I decreased the crosshair growth when characters move (mostly it's the player moving and shooting, so it makes it easier).

Hopefully, I balanced out the story file a little bit to make it less frustrating, but story file changes require starting a new game. Thanks to the Youtube playthroughs of Alex and MagneticJerk, I'm finding the last of the bugs and balancing things a little better.

Alex's videos:

MagneticJerk's videos:

Here is a list of all the changes in 3.0 if you're curious:

-Increased the speed of the player changing items.
-Decreased movement penalty for aiming crosshairs by 20%.
-Maybe fixed bug in which unobtainable items would sometimes be dropped after characters are deleted.
-Prevented AI from sliding down cliffs to reach a nearby target if target is at same elevation.

-Fixed bug in which Carmen would teleport outside the Polyphonic when you ask her to leave in Chapter 9+10.
-Fixed bug in sewers where power switch would sometimes unlock the wrong sealed alloy door.
-Fixed bug in which fleeing ghoul would sometimes trap the player in the entrance to Broken Tooth Pass.
-Fixed bug in which cribber on Polyphonic would keep attacking player after surrendering.
-Player is now automatically healed at the start of Chapter 9 on the Polyphonic.
-Added a new tutorial message when team is full on how to kick characters off the team.
-Prevented Zac's thugs from being in his way when he heads to the hills at twilight.
-Convincing Stinkeye to bite himself again now deals double damage.
-Fixed sound file error messages in Fearomone script.
-Removed some lingering objectives after completion.
-Added some new ask keywords, including "Oaxaca".
-Prevented demons and hounds from opening doors.
-Fixed angles of a couple ambient 2D anims.
-Updated a couple old tutorial messages.
-Improved some dialogue and AI scripts.

STORY FILE: (requires starting a new game)
-Added a few more items to the Polyphonic to make Chapter 9 a bit easier.
-Made laser pistol and katana of assassin in Polyphonic storage room "almost broken" (a little easier).
-Fixed cell door positions in Marvin's Lab in the Toxic Caves (looks better when they open now).
-Removed first isopod demon from Broken Tooth Pass (it could block player at cave mouth).
-Fixed methane grenade that required 10 strength to obtain near Freeway 175.
-Added a few more coins to the world.


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Apr 14, 2018

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