Version 7.6

Finally got the custom mouse cursor working again. Also, other stuff. Complete list of fixes:

-Fixed bug that prevented melee attacks while targeting some prefab objects (box, etc.).
-Changed script command "resetStats" to have an optional parameter to only reset a specific object tag.
-Fixed custom mouse cursor (stopped working a few versions ago).

-Fixed a typo with Cribber rewards.
-Fixed bug with positions of Ghoul Refugees in Topo Tracks after job.
-Updated a couple of texts to give hints about the Beneath the Ruins map (very difficult).
-Slender/Gomez jobs now cancelled in Ch. 8.

-Updated the Builder's Manual.
-(COMMUNITY) Rearranged some of the extras in the optional DLC, added 3rd party 4GB Patch to improve framerate on some computers.


Brigand v7.6.rar 657 MB
Jan 16, 2021
Brigand v7.5F.rar 657 MB
Jan 10, 2021

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I finished Oaxaca and Panama a while ago, but I like seeing these updates, because it feels like... Viewing a great piece of architecture that though finished, is renovated, extended, repainted, touched up, redecorated, and so on, through the seasons, so that it matures with the world surrounding it. Like viewing a protected Colonial building, which has had modern plumbing installed.

But I must ask... When will it truly be finished? Can it be finished? Do you even want it to be finished? Is there perhaps joys in using your brush to refresh the lines, so that the paint never dries, but appears permanently wet?

Is there a risk of tweaking too much?

This is the affect the game has had on me. Months later it continues to occupy my headspace.

I just want there to be no more script bugs. Then it will be finished, and I will leave the future to user-generated content (some of which will be premium content and paid for, like NWN1). But right now I'm 100% focused on Warlordocracy.


Godspeed, BL. Godspeed!