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Vega Blues is a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements set on a habitable planet in the Vega star system. There are 3 species: the humans, who consist of only 6 volunteers wielding advanced technology and robotics but with no hope of reinforcements, the reptilian natives (or trogs) who are living on the cusp of a bronze age and struggling to unite their species for survival, and the xintzill, the insectoid parasitic species that dwell and tunnel beneath the planet's surface, their only resource being the organisms they devour.

The Humans: A wormhole has been discovered in the outskirts of the Sol system, leading to a Goldilocks planet in the Vega system with a breathable atmosphere and a climate capable of cultivating food. After the first two probes landed soudly on the surface of this planet, six humans volunteered to be sent through. They are equipped with the latest tech, including nuclear fusion, nanobots, AI construction and security, food replicators, etc. The wormhole closes shortly afterwards and the expedition is never seen or heard from again.

Humans have access to three resources: food, materials, and energy.

The Natives: The natives of the planet are a primitive lizard-like culture that can mine basic materials and forge clubs, spears, bows, swords, and eventually catapults. They have been at constant war with the underground-dwelling Xintzill for millennia, which has hampered their technological development. They can amass slaves, workers, and soldiers by either befriending or enslaving other tribes.

Natives (Trogs) have access to two resources: food and materials.

The Xintzill: Extremely procreant and ravenous, the insect-like Xintzill have many sub-species (or "breeds"). Their forms vary from workers to warriors to overlords. They mostly live underground and their workers dig tunnels at a rapid pace. Their only tools and weapons are biological adaptations, and they can send spores through the vaccuum of space to other planets. They can feed on any wild creature, but they prefer to wage war against the planet's intelligent natives and consume them for self-preservation.

Xintzill (Bugs) have access to only one resource: food.

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