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Brigand: Panama is a completely new story set four years after the events of Brigand: Oaxaca. The player is a branded exile from the Pirate Kingdoms who must work his way down through the Panama Canal on the tail of the most infamous pirate this part of the world has ever seen.

There are new baddies, weapons, items, abilities, and traps.

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Updated 28 days ago
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBrian Lancaster
GenreAction, Shooter, Survival
TagsFPS, Horror, Meaningful Choices, oldschool, Real-Time, Singleplayer, world-editor


Get this New Story and 2 more for $9.99 USD
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Oh shit, that first bug with Ballistic is one of those anomalies I have no control over. I'll check on that glaive error message right now, though.


Thank you for your hard work! I'm enjoying Panama very much! Found another bug though.. Lee's terminal in the Deep Canal level seems to be the same as the Ronin terminal previously. It has a disable android/cyber hounds option even though there's no android/cyber hound etc.

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Hi, I have a bug.  After loading a save, I can't switch to a party member (Ballistic). I got a message that went something like: Error, the player must be a living and sentient object. Restarting the game (quitting and opening again) fixed it. This is Brigand v9.4E and Panama v6.2.

Edit: Another bug, throwing a poisoned glaive at Kalfu pirate-- I got message: Error: unrecognized command 'effect'.


Ooooh, the error message happens when you kill the target with a poison glaive. Gonna fix it soon.

Just got the same first bug today in the base game, not even the dlc.

Deleted 84 days ago
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You can quick fix it with the world editor. Target the party member, hit F2, click, type "type=sentient" then ENTER, then ESC. Otherwise I have no idea.


what about a demo pls? pleeeease, i really loved this game, when i was junger i played the game half life, but now i decidet to search a game like half life graphics and i found this one, i really love your games please make a demo for this game i will give this game 5 stars


Alright, I can do a demo. It's just a DLC, but I can put in the first map as soon as the stable version comes out in a couple weeks.


Yay! Love your games