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Cannot open V8 of the demo, everytime I open it it seems like it tries to load it but then it never ever opens, and I get no error prompt, either. Me lleva la que me trajo.

I use windows 10

It's working on my computer. Is V7 working for you? It should work on Windows 10, but have you tried properties and compatibility mode?

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Compatibility mode not yet, but V7 is not working for me, either, I tried running that when I could not run V8. Maybe it might be something with the redists... or something else like directx, but that is a long shot and I am not even certain of that due to a lack of an error message. Will try compatibility mode tomorrow.

Oh and I also use an x64 version of windows 10

It might be an anti-virus program. They have had weird effects before.


I attempted windows 7 compatibility mode, nothing, it is not opening, and there is no alert from any antivirus, given how I have no such antivirus... except maybe it could be something to do with smartscreen but I am not too certain about that since no smartscreen alert pops up ever.


Yummy!! i love banana, i love you guys too!! i love brigand oaxaca


Cool looking game so far. Reminds me of a lot of old ps1 games. I don't know why my fps was so bad in the game. I watched some others play it and it was fine on theirs. must just be my setup.

I have one idea about the framerate. It might be just a couple of higher-poly objects when you walk across them. I'll look into it in a bit.

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this game graphics reminds me of a game called *  half life  * I really like this game graphics pro!!

Half Life is a major compliment. Thank you.

i killed 3 weird things with a sharp teeth so fast!!!!

you welcome as normal!!!


Day 1 quick gameplay of this fascinating hardcore FPSRPG.

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how do you get out?




how do you get out?

Demo V3 has been released. Also, check out Steam for the new full version, 2.0. There have been many bug fixes, and there is now a world editor.

New demo released, the first 2 maps of the updated version of the full game. Download the full version on Steam:

Hi Vitowns. You have to play on Badass difficulty for the hunger system.

Greetings Brian i am on steam as Vitowns i am going to enjoy the demo thoroughly and tonight i'll get the game, i can't wait for it, curiously, is there a hunger system? 

It looks like I'll have to push the release date back about 4 days to 4/24/17. I still need time to play test everything and make sure there are no game-breaking bugs. Tens of thousands of lines of AI scripts, conversations, etc. can get a little messy. On the bright side, I am completely done with voice acting.