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Hey, bought the bundle recently and I just want to say that this is a great game. That special vibe that classic immersive sims have-- you nailed it. Some of my favourite moments were storming Junk Fort with the piano music playing in the background, getting lost in the jungle after dark, and discovering Marvin's lab in the caves.

I've almost finished my first playthrough (I've reached the finale with AARFY). I did have to cheat a bit on the Polyphonic: used editor mode to make a save prior to opening the bridge doors. Already looking forward to replaying with another character type and trying out Panama/Nightmare.

Also some (minor) bug reports (v9.3B). None of these influenced gameplay at all.

1. Medkit mastery is a passive ability, but the in-game description doesn't say so. It lists a range and meta cost, and if I try to use it I get -- ERROR: File does not exist: 'scripts\.bsl'. It works as it should though (I heal 40, cause I also have efficiency)

2. When I tell a ghoul refugee in my party to stay put I get -- ERROR: Unrecognized command: 'aifaction'. Only tried with the ghoul just outside south Pochutla.

3. When I killed the ITIC guy on the Polyphonic with Parasitic Touch I get -- ERROR: Unrecognized command: 'effect'. Don't know if it happens for others, cause he's the only one I actually finished off with Parasitic Touch.

4. One of the loading screen tips references a spell called 'Ally of Chaos', which is called 'Demon Friend' in the manual. No idea what it's called in game, cause I didn't find it.


I just reloaded the save before the oil rig, and found another bug. I went to the house in Loma Larga where all the party members wait for you, and there was Boris, offering to join me on the last mission, however when I try to talk to him, I just get the dialogue options from before when he was in his shop.


Finished it (Normal difficulty). Score 7/10. Sided with Eleggua. Made friends with Ghouls. Played as a rifle/voodoo guy for most of the time, expanding into other stuff as needed. Barely used party members at all. I am crazy about this game. The only things that annoyed me were the tedious inventory management and that fighting enemies with laser guns felt too difficult in an unfair and unfun way.

Hell ya. Thanks for the bug reports. Definitely gonna fix them in the next patch. The Ally of Chaos spell is only in NIGHTMARE and PANAMA DLCs.

That stuff should be fixed with the latest patch. Thanks again.


No problem! Thank you.


Hey, I just picked this up via steam. Literally about to boot it up as I type this but I just wanted to say that I can already tell this game is going to be a blast. I'm a 20+ ludophile and game developer myself and I feel a strong sense of common ground between the design principles that seem to have went into this game and my own. I'm excited to give it a whirl and see what I love/hate. If you ever wanna crack our skulls together and piece together a project, let me know! P.S. - I'll leave my review of the game here in a comment below this comment. Good luck out there!

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Thank you. I'm currently working a partial Spanish translation (HUD, etc.) with some help. Otherwise I'm not gonna change anything else. There's eventually gonna be some new user-made stories. Do you have an page for your project yet?

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Nice, always good to leave tools in place for community content for fans cause as developers we eventually gotta make that tough call of "It's time for something new." and let our project rest as is.

As for an page for my own projects... I probably should have been a little more clear. Aside from a few small projects that are floating around the web from years ago, I rarely create many actual games. But I have dozens of journals full of game design documents for various projects.

I'm no artist, nor sound designer, and I can code well enough but I just don't enjoy it very much, so I find that my time is much better spent producing game systems, rules, stories, design principles and more that I keep in a library of sorts for future development.

As to if I'll ever make any of these games, perhaps one day I'll hire a team of talent and see what can be done. But I'm happy enough building the worlds, characters, rules, and systems of play all in my mental kingdom for now. It's also the case that I love ALL sorts of games: video, sports, card games, board games, I love the idea of creating arbitrary rulesets that create meaningful experiences for those who engage with them. So some of the projects I've created are things of those varieties. 

In fact, despite more gamers viewing sports as "game with ball," I think the world is sorely lacking in new types of sports and we should have many more with much more variety. Anyway, I'm waaaay off topic now, but yeah. Brigand: Oaxaca is good so far, though jumping/platforming is a bit stiff and frustrating. (I'm at around 25 Agility now, maybe with more it will get a little better.)


Hey man I got a bug to report. If your character has 0 strength you can chug a beer for a temp 5 and then pick up the yellow gas tank just before the barricaded gate (chapter 1, banana plantation). If you throw or drop the tank then pick it back up you will get 10 permanent strength. Not sure if it works cider blocks if you have 5 str and chug a beer. Cheers


Oh fuck, thank you




Does that mean I get a lot of sex? Because I don't.



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Hey, I bought it a while ago when steam key was included, but also have the 'no keys available' issue. I sent you a friend request on steam from the same name if you can help me out, no problem either way though.


Does a purchase here include a Steam key? Thank you

Naw. I can just give you one, though

Don't know how to PM you on itch and I'm kinda drunk, so PM me on Steam


Heya, tried to get my Steam key and it said "There are no keys available at this time, try again later"!

Had to request more, so it will be another day. Private msg me on Steam

Okay, cool. Here is my Steam friend code: 10344213

Did you get my Steam friend request


Yeah, and I already accepted it back then :-)


Day 1 quick gameplay of this fascinating hardcore FPSRPG.

Demo instantly hooked me on.  Great job man.

Thanks. I still need to update the demo, also.